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  • About Rabadash Studio

    Where Dreams are Born

    Rabadash Studios is located next to the Tchefuncta River in Covington, Louisiana which is only 37 miles from the music capital of the world, New Orleans. Built by the Freemasons in 1924, our state of the art recording studio occupies the entire first floor of this amazing historic building. The amenities include a large tracking room, a spacious, comfortable control room, high ceilings, hardwood floors, and our secret weapon - the basement! When you need a break from recording, the studio is walking distance to coffee shops, lovely restaurants, a tea room, shopping centers and the beautiful river side park. We feel confident that we have created the perfect recording environment for your next project.

  • Who We Are

    Award Winning Sound Engineering Professionals and Professional Musicians

    Marc Hewitt

    37 years of recording & producing experience!

    Platinum Record award winning Marc Hewitt has resided in the New Orleans area for the past 39 years and has been involved in the music business since 1981. He has 37 years recording and producing experience with Grammy winning artists world wide with many different styles of music. He started his career working for a multi media company producing sound tracks. From there, he began freelancing as a recording engineer and musician. Marc worked at Sea-Saint Recording Studio as an engineer from 1987 until 1990. He then opened his own major facility, Sound Services Recording Studios. On August 29, 2005, the devastating Hurricane Katrina brought 10 feet of water into the studio, destroying the building and equipment. Marc is currently working on various recording projects at Rabadash Studios. He has done several major releases since Katrina and has worked on projects in Australia as well as here in the States.
    Here are a few artists Marc has worked with as the Sound Engineer and/or Producer and Musician:

    Aaron Neville, Art Neville, Allen Toussaint, Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Waylon Thibodeaux, click here for more....

    John Autin, The Upper Room, Houma, LA

    John Autin

    Co-Founder, Producer and Professional Musician

    John Autin is one of the founding partners of Rabadash Records as well as Rabadash Studios. As a record producer and performing musician, John has worked in studios and on stage for over 4 decades. His passion IS producing music and playing jazz music. John has worked on hundreds of projects for New Orleans artists as well as musicians from all over the world who are looking for that New Orleans sound that John understands so well.


    “I think more like a photographer, than a painter when I produce," says John. "I work very hard to hear the beauty that's already there with each artist and then capture that beauty on the recording by using the best sound equipment and engineers at my disposal. The end goal is to shine up the recording so it’s the very best version of that artist. With Rabadash Studios I think I’ve created the most comfortable environment, with all the best gear, in a very peaceful neighborhood which all contributes to the amazing result for the artist. Other producers have their sound that they tend to plug their artists into, but that’s not me. If you listen to my different records, each one will have its own quite different character and sound."

    Dirk Billie

    Co-Owner, Sound Engineer and Producer

    Dirk Billie is a seasoned engineer and producer who designed and built the control room of Rabadash Studios. He mentored under David Farrell, George Porter, and Steve Reynolds . As a musician, Dirk is an accomplished guitarist, who played with Mighty Sam McClain, Tommy Ridley, Gatemouth Brown, Cyril Neville, Walter Washington, Ironing Board Sam and Eric Traub. He specializes in Funk, Psychedelic Rock, and African grooves. A professional to the core, Dirk keeps the studio running, and always has a pot of coffee and a smile on.

    Tim Stambaugh

    Co-Owner, Sound Engineer and Producer

    Tim Stambaugh has been recording musicians and performers since 1979. He studied music at North Texas State University during the ’70’s and toured with the Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus through much of the ‘80s. He has served as second engineer under Gary Hedden, a renowned studio designer, in the midwest during the ‘80s, and Mark Bingham of New Orleans during the early ‘90s. In 1995, he designed and opened Word of Mouth Recording Studio in New Orleans where he has successfully recorded Brass Band, New Orleans Trad Jazz, New Orleans Contemporary Jazz, Gospel, Funk, Latin, Cajun, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Music for Film, Children’s Albums, Big Band and Rock Band Styles. He has three times won the Offbeat Magazine's Best Engineer or Best Studio Award. His clientele reads like a who’s who of New Orleans Culture.

    A partial list:

    Adonis Rose, Astral Project, Acoustic Swiftness, Theresa Anderson, Doug Bellote, Spencer Bohren, click here for more....

  • Equipment

    We have a huge collection of modern digital and vintage analog equipment for all your needs!

    The Board

    A vintage mixing dream come true

    Harrison Series 32 - 40 Channel Console
    Pro-Tools 10.3
    Apogee Big Ben and AD - DA converters
    GTQ Neve Stereo Pre-amp with EQ
    Neve 2 channel 1081 Pre-amp
    Summit MPC 100 Pre-amp
    Telefunken U-72 Pre-amp
    4 Telefunken V-676 Pre-amps
    2 Telefunken V-672 Pre-amps
    TAB Funkenwerk U-78 Pre-amp
    UA LA-610 Pre-amp
    16 channels Focusrite Platinum Pre-amp
    Focusrite Voice Master Pro Pre-amp
    Trident A Series Pre-amp w/EQ
    2 ART MPA Pre-amps w/Telefunken Tubes
    4 Shure M261 Pre-amps
    Summit/Pultec type Stereo EQ
    2 Distressor EL Compressors
    ART VLA Limiter w/Telefunken Tubes
    DBX 161 Compressor


    Great collection of vintage and modern mics

    Neumann M49 B Tube
    4 Nuemann U87 - old version
    Neumann U47 fet
    AKG 451 E
    2 AKG 451
    2 AKG 414w/C12 caps
    AKG 160 Pencil mic
    2 Robe NTV Tube (Telefunken)
    Audio Technica 4060 Tube (Telefunken)
    Shure KSM 44
    Shure KSM 322
    Shure SM58 Dynamic mics
    Groove Tube Large Diaphragm (Telefunken) Condensor
    Groove Tube Small Diaphragm (Telefunken) Condensor
    4 Oktava M012 mics
    2 Oktava 319 mics
    2 Oktava 219 mics
    2 KM84 w/ 83 caps
    4 MD421
    2 RE20


    Great Selection of Vintage Instruments

    • 1906 Steinway O Grand Piano
    • Yamaha Motif
    • Yamaha P155
    • Korg Kronos
    • 1970's Fender Rhodes
    • RMI Electric Piano
    • Roland VK8 and Mosound Leslie
    • Roland VR-09-V


    Perfectly Restored 1960 Hammond B3 Organ

    We have a meticulously maintained Hammond B3 that is the best one that you will ever play!

    • Full bass pedals
    • 122RV Leslie
    • Hammond Tone Cabinet
    • Custom Knee Switch for Leslie
    Do your Organ overdubs at Rabadash or send us your tracks and I’ll do the Organ for you.

    Addition Selection of Keyboards

    • Rhodes Keyboard
    • RMI Electric Piano
    • Yamaha MOX
    • KORG Trident
    • Roland VK8
    • Yamaha P155
    • Motion Sound Leslie

    Large Selection of Drums, Guitars & Amplifiers

    • Vintage Ludwig Drum Kit
    • Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals
    • LP Congos and Bongos
    • 26 different tube guitar amplifiers
    • Nylon and steel string acoustic guitars
    • Upright Bass 
    • Assorted Percussion Instruments
  • Featured Recording Artist of the Month

    Waylon "T" Thibodeaux

    NEW CD: Here We Go Again

    Rabadash Records has announced the record release of Here We Go Again by Waylon Thibodeaux, Louisiana’s “Rockin’ Fiddler”. This new CD offers sonically significant production with some of the most lauded names in South Louisiana music, all recorded at the Rabadash Records studio 20 miles north of New Orleans.


    Available in CD and download formats at Rabadash.com and www.WaylonT.com, the release marks Thibodeaux’s third album on Rabadash Records, weaving a new imagination for the blues into both the traditional Cajun and swamp-pop styles for which he has been renowned for 35 years.


    “Rabadash Records is proud to release Waylon Thibodeaux’s Here We Go Again. On it, Waylon explores his bluesy side with some of South Louisiana’s blues masters like Johnny Sansone and Benny Turner and many of Waylon’s old friends,” said John Autin, Founder and Producer of Rabadash Records, who also played keyboards and organ on the album. “And because Mark Hewitt, who is a platinum award-winning audio man, did the engineering and mixing, and the amazing Bruce Barielle did the mastering, this is sonically the best CD I’ve done yet on Waylon.”


    “Louisiana music has all kinds of things—Cajun, zydeco, blues, funk—so this was a nice album for me to do a bit of blues and have blues musicians on it—stretch my wings a little bit, but in the same genre,” said Thibodeaux. “Being in the Voice of the Wetlands All Star Band has had a big influence on me—not that I think I’m a blues artist. I’m a Louisiana artist, which incorporates all of that. The music is still high-energy blues and I’m proud to have written five of the 10 songs. And so many wonderful musicians are on this album with me. We had a great time.”

  • Our Recording Artists

    New Orleans has some of the best artists in the world! And....they record HERE!

    Big Daddy O

    Lousiana/Mississippi Roadhouse Blues

    At 6’ 6, Big Daddy 'O' has an engaging presence on stage which  supports an even larger voice that pulsates from a powerful shout down to a beautiful whisper. For more than 30 years, Big Daddy ‘O’ has been playing in roadhouses and bars in Louisiana & Mississippi, as well as nationally. 

    Michael O'Hara

    4 time Grammy nominee​

    Michael has worked with many of the greats, including legendary New Orleans musician, Allen Toussaint and too many more to list here. You can catch Michael at gigs all around the New Orleans area. His new CD "It's My Turn" showcases his range. He feels that God is using him more now than at any other time to get this music out in the world. Listen to some cuts from It's My Turn and Buy his CD Here!

    John Autin

    New Orleans Piano Man

    John has loved music from an early age, taking piano lessons and playing trumpet throughout his childhood, and has a Masters Degree in Jazz from New Orleans Univ.

    John lights up the room with a bright smile and a fun show that spans across many genres. You can catch him most of his nights performing at clubs, casinos, convention events, weddings, and private parties, and spending days at Rabadash Recording Studios. Buy his CDs here.

    Tom McDermott & Chloe Feoranzo

    Zeppelins Made to Order

    Tom is known for his eclecticism, and is just about the only New Orleans pianist to stretch from the music of legend Louis Gottschalk to the funky New Orleans piano of today. He has a great love of Brazilian music, European classical music, Duke Ellington and more.

    Chloe Feoranzo is a young & super talented clarinet and saxophonist who has appeared on various shows like, The Late Show with David Letterman, and tours with Postmodern Jukebox.

    Waylon Thibodeaux

    Louisiana's Rockin Fiddler​

    Born in Louisiana’s ‘Bayou Country’ just a few miles southwest of New Orleans, this talented, self-taught Cajun musician has gained a notable reputation as one of Louisiana’s best known recording artists. His fiddling talents have led him to play many well known festivals, clubs and other special events throughout the world.

    Buy his CD here.

    John Lisi

    New Orleans slammin' funky blues

    John shares a birthday with Jimmy Page and spent his Junior high & high school years absorbing Hendrix and Muddy Waters. Lisi began to be recognized as an important musician in the New Orleans world with his 2002 release Blues For Chloe. The blues world officially took notice in 2009, when he received the Slim Harpo Blues Pioneer Award (along with no less than Dr. John and Alvin Batiste).

    Cyril Neville

    Award Winning Swamp Funk

    Cyril Garrett Neville is an American percussionist and vocalist who first came to prominence as a member of his brother Art Neville's funky New Orleans-based band, The Meters. He joined Art in the Neville Brothers band upon the dissolution of the Meters. The youngest of the 4 Neville brothers, he has appeared on recordings by Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson, Edie Brickell, Willie Nelson, Dr. John and in 2014 was nominated for Contemporary Blues Album of the Year for his solo album Magic Honey.

    Amanda Walker

    "Playing Piano is like breathing to me"

    Amanda Walker is a vibrant presence on New Orleans’ impressive music scene. Since 2006, the effervescent pianist/singer/songwriter has been lighting up bars, festivals, clubs, restaurants and other venues around the city with music that ranges from an all-request catalog. Walker can perform just about anything on demand, from Pink Floyd and Patsy Cline to her own original compositions. Walker began playing piano at a young age in Dexter, Missouri, a rural town between Memphis and St. Louis.

    Daryl Johnson

    New Orleans Blues & Funk in his blood

    Daryl Johnson was born in New Orleans and is a bass player, singer, songwriter, composer and producer. Johnson is well-known for playing with The Neville Brothers, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, and for producing Daniel Lanois' solo albums. Besides his many credits as a performer, Johnson has collected a variety of writing and arrangement credits. He has worked as a songwriter on seven albums of The Neville Brothers, as well as on albums of Emmylou Harris, Black Dub, Daniel Lanois, Ian Moore & more.

    Jeff Spence

    Rockin' Louisiana Man​

    Festive is the best word to describe an evening of Louisiana music and entertainment with Jeff Spence. He is a performer who combines world-class piano skills, soulful vocals and fun into one big party. His "Louisiana Music Show" features many musical styles as Dixieland, where Jeff has marched the crowd around the room with his trombone to "Saints". Zydeco and Cajun music are popular when Jeff plays the squeezebox and audience members play the washboard. But the strong point of his show is the bringing of New Orleans jazz and blues into one special event.

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  • More Artists that Marc Hewitt has engineered...

    Wardell Quezergue, Marva Wright, Eddie Bo, Wild Magnolias, Jean Knight, Eric Burden, Dr John, Garth Hudson (The Band), Rick Danko, Irene Sage, Brian Stoltz , Anders Osborne, Red Hot and Blues, Benny Turner, Capitol Records,Sammy Berfect, Atlantic Records, Davell Crawford, Russel Batiste, Sequel Records (England), Cyril Neville, Aim Records (Australia), Michelle Shocked, Marc Broussard, Sonny Landreth, Dixie Cups, Jeremy Davenport,The Subdudes, Omari Neville, Irma Thomas, Wayne Toups, Ingrid Lucia, Sunshine Productions (England), Sugar Pie DeSanto, Appaloosa Records (Italy), Wanda Rouzan, Dancing Cow Records (Denmark), Teddy Royal, Joker Records (Denmark), Rockin Dopsie, Timothea, Bill Solley & Kim Prevost, CoCo Robicheaux, Alligator Records, Terrance Simien, Mardi Gras Records, Tone Cool Records, Don Vappie, D.J. Jimi J, Monique D, Andy Forrest, Ruf Records (Germany) Dmitri Resnik, Leslie Smith, Jamil Sharif, Willie Tee, Racquel Turbinton, Kidd Jordan, Otis Grand, Andrew Eastmond, John Eastmond, Guitar Slim, Jr., Kippori Woods, Victor Sirker, Paula and the Pontiacs, Boondoggles, Isaacs Guns, Clay Alston, John Lisa, Jeff Spence, Rounder Records, David Torkanowski, Big Easy TV series, Jive Records, Mystikal, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone.

    More Artists that Time Stambaugh has engineered...

    Evan Christopher, Kevin Clark, Clyde Beatty Cole Brothers Circus, Creole String Beans, Tony Dagradi, Charlie Dennard, Doreen Ketchens, Johnette Downing, Lynn Drury, Egg Yolk Jubilee, Lionel Ferbos, Patrice Fisher, Tom Fisher, Folger’s Coffee, Gina Forsyth, Roland Guerin, Donald Harrison Jr, HBO’s Treme Series, Hot Club of New Orleans, Leroy Jones, Jonno Frischberg, Craig Klein, Luther Kent, Tim Laughlin, Steve Masakowski, Tom McDermott, Neslort, Neslorchestra, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, New Orleans Nightcrawlers, New World Funk Ensemble, Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Paula and the Pontiacs, Roderick Paulin, Matt Perrine and Sunflower City, Lena Prima, Wardell Quezergue, Mike Rihner, Davis Rogan, Larry Sieberth, Betty Shirley, Greg Schatz, Storyville Stompers, James Singleton, Soul Rebels, Rick Trolsen, Tuba Fats, Walter Wolfman Washington, Johnny Vidacovich.